Ford Focus RS is equipped with four driving modes: normal, sports, track and drift. After switching to the first one, we can move freely and comfortably on bumpy roads. The next two modes are completely different - Focus RS becomes a rough, uncompromising Hot Hatcha which, thanks to the four-wheel drive, gives us an impression that no turn could endanger us. The last available mode is drift mode - a bold move of the brand, which comes up with a proposal for the average drivers to try their hand in a skid. 

The appearance of the car fits its characteristics well; it is dynamic, sporty and eye-catching. One great advantage of this unit is the custom colour Nitro Blue, which enhances the sporty outline of Focus RS. 

A small, yet aggressive car, which electrifies the world of compact cars. An automobile with enormous power and low kerb weight. These features guarantee adrenaline rush and a lot of good time.


Ford Focus RS was announced the king of Hot Hatcha by the Top Gear magazine for a reason. It has a perfectly adjusted suspension, high power and something that competitors lack - manual transmission, which is nowadays rare.


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Mały agresywny samochód, który elektryzuje świat kompaktów. Auto dysponujące ogromną mocą i niedużą wagą własną.  Gwarantuje to zastrzyk adrenaliny i mnóstwo dobrej zabawy.

Ford Focus RS Wynajem Warszawa

Net price list
2 h 450 PLN (no km limit)
12 h 600 PLN (200 km limit)
24 h 800 PLN (250 km limit)
3 days (e.g. weekend from Friday to Monday) 1790 PLN (700 km limit)
1 Week 2990 PLN (1000 km limit)
Engine power 350 hp
0-100 4,7 s
Transmission Manual
Drive 4x4
Engine 2.3 Ecoboost

Wypożyczalnia Focus RS Warszawa

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Would you like to rent the newest Ford Focus RS? Give us a call or fill in the form in order to ask about available dates.

Ford Focus RS Rental Warsaw

Cennik netto
2h 500   zł (brak limitu km)
12h 700   zł (limit 250 km)
24h 950   zł (limit 350 km)
Weekend (pt-pon) 2190 zł (limit 700 km)
Tydzień 3990 zł (limit 1200 km)
Moc 450 KM
0-100 4,3 s
Skrzynia Automatyczna
Napęd RWD
Silnik 5.0 V8

Focus RS Rental Warsaw

Ford Focus

We are the only car rental in Warsaw that offers the latest Ford Focus RS for hire WITHOUT SECURITY DEPOSIT! You can rent it for as little as 2 hours of fleeting madness, for a weekend trip to the mountains or for a week in order to get an overview of the car before purchase.

Focus RS

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