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Would you like to rent the latest Ford Mustang GT 2018? Give us a call or fill in the form in order to ask about available dates.

Legend of motorization. The car which, thanks to its sound, appearance and enormous power, proves that dream cars do exist. This is one of those models a genuine car lover simply cannot just walk on by.


The five litre beast is waiting for you in our rental office!

Ford Mustang GT 2018 Hire Warsaw


Net price list
2 h 500 PLN (no km limit)
12 h 700 PLN (250 km limit)
24 h 950 PLN (350 km limit)
3 days (e.g. weekend from Friday to Monday) 2190 PLN (700 km limit)
1 Week 3990 PLN (1200 km limit)
Engine power 450 hp
0-100 4,3 s
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD
Engine 5.0 V8

Ford Mustang GT 2018 Hire Warsaw

Ford Mustang

We are the first car rental in Poland that has offered the new Ford Mustang GT for hire. Have you been considering purchasing such car? Would you like to go on a weekend trip with a Mustang? Do you need a car for wedding? See our offer for more details.

Ford Mustang Rental

The brand new Ford Mustang has six driving modes: normal mode, sports mode, sports mode, track mode, individual mode and a mode for driving in poor weather conditions. This last one is highly useful especially during winter, as a RWD car  which has its mass accumulated mainly at the front might be likely to dance on ice even with a slight press of the accelerator. 


Ford Mustang VI is the most high-tech generation in history. Its steering system is precise, moreover, this particular vehicle is additionally equipped with the MagneRide adaptive suspension. This Ford, as befits a car of this size, smoothly goes through any roughness, without making the driver uncomfortable. Even though Mustang GT seems heavy and clunky on a smooth ride, thanks to its high power, high-speed engine and fantastic brakes,  it changes its face when we switch the mode. 

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