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Would you like to rent the latest Lexus IS300 in long-term hire? Feel free to ask about the possibility of renting the car and we will respond :) 

Lexus IS 300 is a car that not only surprises with its bold and dynamic design but also impresses with its comfort and drivability. This small limousine is an exemplary combination of luxury and sporty character. Thanks to rear-wheel drive this plaything is able to deliver the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Lexus IS300 rental Warsaw


Net price list
up to 14 days (limit of 250 km per day) 220 PLN / day
up to 30 days (limit of 150 km per day) 180 PLN / day
up to 30 days (limit of 4000 km per month) 4000 PLN / month
up to 6 months (limit of 3000 km per month) 3500 PLN / month
Engine power 245 hp
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD
Engine 2.0 T

Lexus Rental Warsaw

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