Long-term rental

The long-term car rental is a service that allows you to enjoy one of our cars for a longer period of time. This service is dedicated to the ones who are bored by driving just one car throughout the year.

Would you like to find out what it is like to use a sports car on a daily basis? Perhaps you intend to change your car a couple of times a year, because you are looking for variety when it comes to motorization? Ourcar rental Cylindersioffers long-term rental, which allows you to use more than one car a year. Our customers can enjoy access to changing the hired car for the weekend or for a week. All costs related to maintenance and exploitation of the car are included in the monthly payment.

As a luxury car rental we provide complete insurance, service, delivering the car to a given address, replacement of tyres and operational fluids as well as 24-hour information when needed.


Check out our offer and contact us in order to establish the terms and conditions for the long-term hire!

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