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Investment programme


Are you dreaming of driving fast cars? A quick trip out of town with a luxury limousine? Are you responsible and thus will not buy such a car because of the rapid depreciation of its value? The Cylindersi luxury and sports car rental is proud to present the Investment Programme, thanks to which not only will you be in possession of luxury and sports cars, but also earn money on them!

Each of our cars is under constant control of monitoring. Our customers are selected with due diligence in order to make sure that the cars are handed over to real enthusiasts.

Join the Investment Programme with your own car and get the access to any other in the offer – completely free of charge!

Benedifts of joining the Investment Programme:

  • depreciation of the vehicle will be compensated by the earnings from participation in the Investment Programme,
  • the opportunity to use the cars from our fleet completely free of charge or with a substantial discount,
  • favourable conditions and professional service of the stored vehicles,
  • events held exclusively for the participants of the Investment Programme,
  • priority in booking,


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