Focus RS

A small, yet aggressive car, which electrifies the world of compact cars. An automobile with enormous power and low kerb weight. These features guarantee adrenaline rush and a lot of good time.

Ford Focus RS was announced the king of Hot Hatcha by the Top Gear magazine for a reason. It has a perfectly adjusted suspension, high power and something that competitors lack – manual transmission, which is nowadays rare.


Ford Focus RS is equipped with four driving modes: normal, sports, track and drift. After switching to the first one, we can move freely and comfortably on bumpy roads. The next two modes are completely different – Focus RS becomes a rough, uncompromising Hot Hatcha which, thanks to the four-wheel drive, gives us an impression that no turn could endanger us. The last available mode is drift mode – a bold move of the brand, which comes up with a proposal for the average drivers to try their hand in a skid.

The appearance of the car fits its characteristics well; it is dynamic, sporty and eye-catching. One great advantage of this unit is the custom colour Nitro Blue, which enhances the sporty outline of Focus RS.