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Subscription to sports and luxury cars

Benefits of subscription rentals:

The advantages of using a subscription car are many. One of them is the possibility of a new high-end car for those people for whom the purchase of a luxury or sports car is a hitherto unfulfilled dream.

  • the opportunity to use many of the vehicles on offer – these are new cars of the world’s best brands, with high standards and modern, comfortable equipment,
  • lower prices than with traditional rental – you can enjoy driving a new car at the best price;
  • No cost of car impairment or operating costs for the entire duration of the contract – the use of the car means for you only the cost of the subscription itself and the purchase of fuel. The subscription also includes full vehicle service, tires and insurance;
  • No need to be bound by a long-term contract;
  • The mileage limit in the subscription has been selected so that you can enjoy freedom of movement.

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